Caritas SF Trust Investing

Caritas SF Trust Investment Management provides an in-depth, strong process to help our Partners to achieve investment objectives and maximize returns on invested capital, while measuring and minimizing risk.

Our broad capital markets capabilities allow our partners to benefit from a full range of financial, investment and advisory services.

Through Caritas SF Trust INVESTING, we provide expert advice and tailored solutions to assist individuals, societies, companies and institutional investors with achieving their capital strategies and investment objectives.

Our Focus

We want to be your long-term trusted advisor for financial planning services. Caritas SF Trust Investment Services understands that no single investment or combination of investments is right for everyone. Representatives will help you identify your needs and will provide sound advice to help you make an informed decision that is best for you.


We can help you with:

• Financial Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Mutual Funds
• Stocks and Bonds
• Tax-deferred Annuities
• Insurance Services

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