Caritas SF About Us

Caritas SF Trust is a principal provider of credit assistance to individuals, Unions, Co-operative Societies, and firms. Founded in 1956, the company has established itself as the leader in co-operative credit lending and has been recognized globally for its proactive savings/lending by credit unions worldwide.

Caritas SF Trust mission is to develop credit systems for individuals and corporate assistance. These systems work as a “help” for the family and businesses. Our support empowers the family in achieving several goals (e.g., education, home purchase) at partners.

Caritas SF Trust is scheduled to provide its credit systems and credit technology in three countries in 2010 with a major US and two leading European manufacturers moving their staff accounts to Caritas SF Trust.



Premium Partners Savings Account
Our New Premium Partners Savings Account is all you need in this time of global recession. Flexible, Higher interest rates


Caritas SF Trust Investment Management provides an in-depth, well planned course of action to aid our Partners to realize investment objectives and make best use of returns on invested capital, while minimizing risk...more